Lift-and-slide doors

Versatility is our strength, making us the only special provider to manufacture lift-and-slide doors in different systems. We produce doors in the REHAU Geneo, Premidoor 70, Premidoor 88 and Gealan S 8000 IQ systems. Barrier-free versions are also available on request.

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  • Standard ventilation gap of 8 - 10 mm, depending on the system
  • Selection of handles with and without PZ in white, cream, brown, EV 1 and F9
  • Three-stage security package up to RC2 (WK2)
  • Top Uf and Uw values in all systems
  • Installation instructions and carry straps for your installers
  • All lift-and-slide doors available with flat threshold
  • Lift-and-slide door motor available
  • Hardware equipment with HAUTAU ATRIUM HS 300 or SIEGENIA-AUBI HS Portal 300
  • Extensions of the respective system housings, including Frinorm and Phonotherm
  • 6 to 10.5 mm dowel bores for simplified installation"