Expertise is the basis of our success. With creativity and passion we constantly work to improve our quality and optimise the workflow.

We only employ competent, qualified personnel in our production, who meet the high demands for technical skills in special construction.

Therefore, continuous in-house and outside training of personnel is a permanent feature of our company culture.

Perfection in special construction

The modification and development of machines and tools is our specialty. CNC processing machines give us the ability to produce large unit quantities and complicated special elements in the shortest times. We have the capacity to weld extremely long bevels up to 300 mm, extremely small elements and also profiles up to a height of 200 mm. The corner cleaninig takes place with CNC corner cleaner or by hand, if necessary. Of course, mullions are milled in radius and oblique shapes for a precision fit. The precise cut of the glazing bead saw simplifies professional glazing.

The bending department produces, precisely crafted arches using wet and dry bending processes. The department for lift-and-slide doors utilizes a CNC-controlled profil processing center and CNC corner cleaner. Various assembly tables guarantee consistent, high-quality production of large-sized door elements.