World market leader in special window and door construction

Ventana Deutschland is the headquarters of the globally operating Ventana Group. The Ventana success story begins with the founding of the first Ventana subsidiary in the USA.

1987 - Founding of Ventana USA in Pittsburgh, PA
Initially a bending specialist, now one of the leading suppliers of special windows and doors in the US market with around 120 employees

1991 - Founding of Ventana France in Faulquemont, France

1996 - Founding of Ventana Deutschland
Successful market positioning with combination of American service mentality and German quality awareness; the Ventana Group is therefore the world's only producer that produces special windows and doors for the local markets.

2003 - Ventana Deutschland becomes the market leader in Germany

2006 - Ventana Deutschland celebrates its 10th anniversary

2007 - Founding of Ventana Polska in Wroclaw, Poland

2009 - Opening of an automated department for
            lift-and slide doors

2010 - Ventana Deutschland opens a sales office in Italy

2011 - Unbridled growth

  • The company vehicle fleet is expanded, fixed delivery routes enable reliable delivery of windows and doors
  • Expansion of the bending department

2012 - The strongest fiscal year since the company's founding

  • Reorganisation of sales activities with regional responsibilities
  • Strengthening of the sales team with regional responsibilities for southern Germany and the neighboring Alpine countries
  • New construction of company headquarters for Ventana Deutschland

2013  - Relocation to the new central headquarters
Opening of the "Glücksfabrik" daycare centre for children under three years of age (U3 child care)